Wakayama Pt 3/3- Koya-san

Since we'd come all the way to Wakayama, one of the friends who I'd gone with really wanted to visit Mt. Koya. I personally am not really into religion, but I thought it would be an interesting experience at least, so we booked in to stay for a night at a temple, Sekishoin, and headed up... Continue Reading →

Wakayama Day 1- Nachi falls

On Friday 15th July, I and 2 friends headed down to Wakayama Prefecture for a long-weekend of travelling. The first stop was Nachi Falls, where every year there is a giant fire festival to purify the waterfall - Japan's highest, at 130m. After a bit of googling in Japanese, we found out that the purification... Continue Reading →

Oki Islands Part 1/3 – Dogo Island

On 25-28th May, I went on my first ever solo-trip within Japan. Having googled extensively 'hidden places in Japan' 'best off-the-beaten-track places in Japan' (which I am aware sort of ruins the idea that they are hidden, but what else can you do?), I decided that I would head to Shimane, and to the Oki... Continue Reading →

Kanba Falls (神庭の滝)

Kanba Falls is one of my favourite places in all of Maniwa. Located in Katsuyama, deep in the heart of a valley, whenever I drive up there I am amazed that it was ever found at all, and awed by the people who - so long ago - managed to move to the area and... Continue Reading →

Adult Moment #1

It has been a full year since I graduated university. I have moved out of my parent's house (to the other side of the world!) and am living in a foreign country on my own, paying my own bills, getting my car serviced like most adults, cooking for myself, budgeting (or trying, anyway), and being... Continue Reading →

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